Incubate Raw Little Ideas

I know from my Ph.D. work that there has been little research into the psychological lives and ways of gifted, talented, creative women. One thing I know for sure is that our societal and cultural expectations usually lead us to make life choices that leave women writers without inspiration, chronically uncreative, feeling powerless, blocked, or unable to follow through. All of these are life-sapping.

But even the most overworked, overwhelmed, tired woman has a secret life, with secret thoughts and secret feelings about what she could write. To adjoin your instinctual nature, try this practice: establish yourself a small territory in which to dream – inside or outside the home, it doesn’t matter. Go for a walk, sing, stand by a rippling brook or a flowing river, knead a loaf of bread, chop veggies for a pot of soup. This small practice will act as an incubator. It will allow you to listen to your self, to your ideas, your feelings, your urges.

Today, I encourage you to take heart. This incubator time with raw little ideas will bring back fluency in the language of your dream, passion, and writing. It will strength you and adequately counter the cultural factors which weaken women writers. It will make you happy, and happy women write.

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